New Jersey Septic Management Group, LLC is a full service, on-site wastewater management company, servicing both residential and commercial septic systems. We are committed to “Protecting Our Groundwater…One Septic System at a Time”.

We pledge to be a leader in New Jersey by introducing the latest in septic system technology, investing in the latest equipment & software and providing services to help protect our groundwater. Our goal is to educate the public regarding the proper use and maintenance of septic systems.




Out of Sight, Should Not be Out of Mind. What you can't see can cost you!

Let our professional company inspect your septic system. New Jersey Septic Management Group will save you money in the long run.


Septic Maintenance


Extend the life of your septic system.

New Jersey Septic Management Group, LLC is pleased to offer an annual Septic Maintenance Program.

Your septic system is your 2nd largest investment in your home.

We deliver PEACE of MIND!

Septic systems require live bacteria to consume, digest, and degrade grease, oil, and other organic matter so that proper functioning can be maintained. When a septic system is properly maintained, the connected drain field can also function according to design.

The most effective way to maintain a septic system is to inoculate the tank with BioOne® immediately after pumping.

NJSMG is your Local Authorized BioOne® Dealer and our customers enjoy the benefits of Free local delivery on every order and never miss a treatment with our Exclusive Auto-Delivery*

*Auto-Delivery is optional and can be selected at checkout.

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