Dear Jason,
N. J. Septic Management Group recently handled a rather challenging and large septic installation at our former Neshanic Station home. While this project was indeed an eye opener for the type of work that needed to be done due to the engineering, documentation, excavation and costs associated with it, you and Tom Cahill answered so many questions and phone calls in an attempt to educate and help us through this very difficult process. We are also aware that you and your team went out of your way to work with our very aggressive schedule so that we could close in a timely manner.

From your administrative assistants, Suzanne and Vicky, to the workers at the excavation site, your employees were all respectful, responsive, knowledgeable and polite. The work that had to be done was extensive, and yet the way your crew cleaned up and restored the property and lawn after the work was completed was phenomenal. Shortly after the work was completed it was even hard to notice that such an extensive excavation job was done! The lawn was restored, seeded and hay placed so that the large front yard looked good almost immediately!

While we certainly hope to never have to have this work done in the future, we thank you, Tom and all your employees for your patience, working with us on costs and educating us on the right system for our needs.
We would not hesitate to refer you to anyone who might have thE! need for such work, and we certainly wish you continued success.


Joseph & Geraldine Kaczorek

New Jersey Septic Management Group,
I wanted to offer a note of appreciation for the work and help that you have provided to the South Branch Reform Church. In working with a number of different companies/organizations over the past few years, I must admit that it is always a pleasure working with you. Your staff’s professionalism and courtesy is outstanding.

I know that when I call NJ Septic Management that the work will be completed when scheduled and that I do not have to worry. The South Branch Reformed Church members and Consistory appreciate all of the work you have done for us and we proudly recommend your services to our members and friends.

Thank you again for your outstanding work!

In Christ’s Service
Rev. S. Eckert, Pastor
River Road
Hillsborough, NJ

We just wanted to thank you guys for coming out and doing such a great job. We have had several septic companies through the years, but yours is the best! The staff did a very thorough job and we appreciate their professionalism.

John & Marj Jannelli
Lazy Brook Road

I just wanted to thank everyone at New Jersey Septic Management for the fantastic service. From the time I made my appointment, until the day my tank was cleaned, everyone was professional, courteous and thorough. The cost for the service received was an excellent value.

Jonathan Goldberg
Fabrow Drive

I received New Jersey Septic Management’s discount pumpout postcard and put it on the shelf since we had our septic system “cleaned out” two years ago, or so we thought. I decided to call because our system was 30 years old and I wanted to do some preemptive work because of the high replacement cost of a new system.

I researched the company’s website and thought it looked professional and very thorough. I called the company and the office staff really knew what they were talking about regarding septic system maintenance. I got instant confidence in the pumper’s skill level.

When the pumper arrived, he was polite and very knowledgeable. When he opened up the tank lid it was obvious that there was a huge problem. The previous pumper didn’t completely clean out our tank but charged us double the fee.

The pumper proceeded to clean out the tank and then completed a ten point check on my tank. The pumper could have ‘scared’ us into buying additional services, but he did nothing of the sort.

The price was very competitive and the service was outstanding. Integrity, honesty and reliability; you’re just missing the ‘white hat’ worn by the Good Guys.

See you in two years!

John Raskin CPCU
East Acres Drive

I wish to take this opportunity to compliment and thank you for the professional and expeditious manner in which you performed septic repairs and the installation of a new system. I appreciate the fact that you were able to overcome certain difficulties regarding ingress and egress to the property in an innovative and cost effective manner.

Your office staff was efficient in processing the various township applications and permits and was courteous and accommodating in every way.

Finally, I would recommend your firm to anyone requiring your services without reservation.

Very Truly Yours,

Louis G. Juliano
Route 518
Skillman, NJ

Recent septic work performed by NJSMG at my home is a clear example of dedicated professionalism yielding a high degree of Customer Satisfaction. NJSMG was thorough, accommodating and patient throughout the entire process. The Certified Engineer explained what needed to be done, how it was to be done and outlined expected results which were successfully achieved. All parties of a real estate transaction appreciate the sincerity and approach to doing business that NJMSG brings to the table.

Again, thank you for a “JOB WELL DONE”.

Tony Scialla
Brier Road
Whitehouse Station, NJ

Dear New Jersey Septic Management Group
I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the septic work done by NJ Septic Management Group. The office staff/engineer, the installation guys, everyone on the project/team were professional, personable and cared about their work and my concerns. My installation was not an easy one due to access to the septic location but they worked around the obstacles with ease. The crew did not even mind all my questions as they worked.

Thanks to all of you.

Lois Arbegast
Rte 518
Skillman, NJ

New Jersey Septic Management Group;
I wanted to take a moment to express my satisfaction with the recently completed septic repairs on my house. I could not have asked for a better result. We worked through all the rain delays, the crew explained everything they were doing and why and even ended up doing a less costly repair than initially authorized as the problems were not as bad as first thought. My compliments to your company for a job well done.

Mike Marchio
Richmond Drive
Skillman, NJ

Dear NJ Septic Management Group:
After the recent completion of the installation of the Eco-Pure Peat Moss Septic System this past summer, and the additional amount of landscaping and grading performed on the property, we wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the results.
Upon recommendation from our Princeton realtor, from the initial inspection before purchase, to the perk tests, to the approval of the engineering plan, to the actual installation and completion of the project after purchase, everything was carried out in a very smooth, professional and timely manner, taking care of all the details of this large and important project, allowing us to focus on the many things involved in purchasing a new home.

The Eco-Pure System was placed in an ideal part of the property, allowing it to blend in to the landscape without the huge mound of the conventional system, and actually enhanced the property in the process by helping clear overgrown areas. We now have a state-of-the-art septic system that will last for many years to come.

We also appreciated the additional amount of landscaping, clearing and grading done by the experienced and talented team of your men doing the work, solving a number of other problem areas on the property. We felt we were in good hands the entire time. In addition, the walkway built in the front of the house is beautiful, receives many compliments, and has also greatly enhanced the value of our home.

Again, we wanted to take this time to tell you how very much we appreciated working with you this year and have highly recommended your company to many others since.

Sincerely yours,

Denise Marchisotto
Grandview Road
Skillman, NJ

Thanks very much to everyone at NJSMG, we really couldn’t be happier with the service we received from everyone involved!
Moving to Hopewell from Los Angeles, we didn’t quite know what we were getting into, buying a house with a non-functioning drain field. Fortunately for us, everyone at NJSMG has been there for us every step of the way, through the initial inspection to finally getting a functional drain field installed.

The entire staff has been very professional, very courteous & incredibly helpful. The office staff was just great and very patient, answering all my questions. They helped me understand the process we had to go through. The engineer did an excellent job designing our new field, even going so far as to factor in the weight of our horses and their potential impact on the pipes since the new drain field had to be located in the pasture. The owner has always been responsive to questions, and is patient enough to explain things to someone who’s never had a septic system. He took the time to go over the initial quote with me; answered all my questions about the grade and cost of the sand, gravel, etc. and then delivered exactly on what the contract promised. The installation crew was so professional – even though the weather was miserable! They did not mind my interruptions to ask what they were doing and why it needed to be done. So many contractors seem to feel that dealing with “the wife” is beneath them, so I especially appreciate the fact that the crew & company treated me with courtesy and respect.

We are very pleased that NJSMG was referred to us and would very gladly refer NJSMG to anyone who needs prompt, professional septic management!

Neil & Susan Haldar
Lindbergh Road
Hopewell, NJ

We were in the process of preparing our home for resale and decided it better to upgrade our septic system before putting it on the market. We contacted a number of companies for estimates on the cost of replacement as well as the type system that would be necessary to meet all the State and Local requirements. This brought us to making the decision to go further with testing, planning/design and contacting the Hunterdon Board of Health for approval.

After the new system was designed utilizing conventional practices it would have turned half of our yard into a seven foot mound and eliminated the majority of useable yard. This system carried with it seven encroachments to the neighbors yard and well, the street, storm sewers and our well. The board took a strong stand against giving us a waiver on these items and told us to go back and redesign the system thus eliminating the encroachments. This was an impossible task using a mound system with our size and configuration of lot.

Five days before attending the second Board meeting we were introduced to the Eco-Pure Waste Water System. In conversation with New Jersey Septic Management’s engineer this process made complete sense, for not only did this peat system eliminate the restrictions we were up against, it took us from having a 7′ mound that destroyed the only usable section of our back yard, down to only a small bump in our lawn that blended right into our landscape! That said, New Jersey Septic Management Group was asked to come to our house three days later to review our situation. They did accommodate this request and drew the preliminary design for presentation to the Board of Health. The Board was astounded at what this technology had to offer. At the end of the meeting the Board member most set in his ways commented, Why haven’t we seen this type septic system before?

Needless to say we were granted permission to apply this technology to our situation and actually became a Beta sight for the county in which historical districts and confined yards are common place. We are extremely happy with the workmanship and quality of effort that was put forth by the New Jersey Waste Management Group throughout the planning and installation of our new peat moss septic system. Their employees were extremely polite, timely and neat throughout the entire process. In the end our real estate agent commented that she was amazed at how this technology was able to help our home retain an enormous amount of value by eliminating an unsightly 7′ mound.

Scott A. Lassa
Cokesbury Road
Lebanon, NJ

New Jersey Septic Management Team:
I am writing to tell you how satisfied I am with the replacement and installation of my new environmentally friendly septic system. I know my project was not the biggest or most challenging, but I felt you all worked extremely hard to earn every dollar of the total cost. At each stage of the process, from initial design to securing final compliance certificates, the team was friendly and very patient in explaining the required work and associated costs. I especially appreciated NJSMG proposing a newly approved technology (peat moss biofilter system) for the state of New Jersey that was a more cost-effective solution. This system will deliver much more protection to the environment which is important to all of us. During the five day installation process, the team performed magnificently and completed the job on schedule. They went out of their way to protect trees and plantings. I even appreciated how in mid-stream installation, the team moved the tank placement location to save a very big, old tree that provides shade to the patio. Once again, thank you for a smooth replacement and installation of our new septic system.

Best wishes for your continued success.
Tom McGinty
Great Road
Princeton, NJ

We just bought a house in Hopewell, NJ and knew nothing about peat moss septic systems until the owners of the house suggested they use this technology when it was clear that the septic needed to be replaced before we moved in. Throughout the process, your company was responsive and diligent to our real estate broker and our attorney. You completed the job in the time frame you had quoted and returned shortly after construction was done to seed the lawn and repair the driveway. Many contractors won’t return calls in a timely manner but we have always found New Jersey Septic Management Group to be terrific about getting back to us quickly. Knowing all of this, I feel a lot more comfortable that we are forming a partnership for the long term with your company.

Nat Howe
E. Shore Drive
Hopewell (Elm Ridge Park), NJ

Nice professional workmen. On time and did the job right. Fantastic owner responsive to customer needs. Friendly knowledgeable office. A+
Simon Kelemen

We went to look at home that is for sale today and gave our realtor a glowing recommendation for your company, responsive, thorough, professional, fast, easy to do business with and pleasant. Just wanted to let you know.
Pam Romanek

Dear Jason,
I want to thank you and your team for all of your help in inspecting and repairing the Septic system of my house in preparation for selling it. Your reliable and careful inspection and careful documentation demonstrating that the septic system could be repaired, rather than replaced, saved me a significant amount of money. The County accepted your assessment and approved the work both prior to and after the repair.

Your team was always courteous, on time, did the work with minimal disruption and left the workspace immaculate. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I would be happy to recommend your company to any homeowners considering septic work by your company.

Best regards,
B. Hoffman