We provide system-wide repair and upgrade services beginning with the permitting process.


We’re EXPERIENCED & EQUIPPED to repair ALL septic system components

If problems are found during inspections or problem situations exist for any septic system owner, New Jersey Septic Management Group, LLC can evaluate the situation, provide an estimate, and schedule a repair date that will ensure a complete resolution. Whether there is an issue like a blockage, which requires maintenance (Jet-washing), a defective D-box or Septic Tank which requires replacement, or electrical connections that are loose or must be brought up to code, NJSMG has the equipment, knowledge and experience to complete the job (with all proper permits and approvals), in a timely manner.


  1. Proper permits are required and all work will be done in an expedient and professional manner.
  2. Click here to see the Fact Sheets and diagrams, to learn more about common septic system repairs and maintenance items.


  • Are your Septic Tank access lids at grade (not buried), for ease of servicing?
  • Did your Pump Tank alarm go off? (Or has it been silenced for a long time?)
  • Has your concrete Septic Tank or Distribution Box deteriorated over the years and is a replacement needed?
  • Are all Disposal Field laterals free of sewage sludge accumulation or should they be jet-washed (cleaned out)?
  • Have you recently had an inspection that states that repairs are needed?

CONTACT NJSMG to request more information about our REPAIR SERVICES 908-874-4669

Or refer below for individual fact sheets about repair and maintenance items.


If a septic system inspection or troubleshoot was performed, there may be required repairs (replacement of malfunctioning components) and/or recommended maintenance items to address.

Open the links below to learn more about common septic system repairs and maintenance items.

Required Repairs
Inlet and Outlet Baffles
Distribution Box
Speed Levelers

Recommended Upgrades & Maintenance
Septic Tank Effluent Filters
Septic Tank Riser and Locking Lid
Jet-washing the Laterals