Homeowners sometimes find that their old-style Septic System is no longer operating as it once did, and it may be backing up or overflowing. Or, possibly, an inspection (for a real estate transaction) will show that an older septic system is in total failure. In either case, replacement of the existing Septic System may be necessary (considered to be an Alteration in the NJ septic code).


Once again, all aspects of the project can be accomplished by NJSMG, in a professional manner. On a regular basis, we also install full, modern septic systems for newly constructed homes and developments.

New Jersey Septic Management Group, LLC has the staff, knowledge and experience to oversee the complete job, from the initial soil testing to the Administrative Authority’s final inspection. We have extensive experience with conventional systems, alternative technologies and advanced treatment systems. We will always work with homeowners to determine which type of system is the best choice and help them to decide on the best location, for their particular situation.

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