Prepare your Septic for Fall… Five Fall Tips

By NJSMG | Oct 1, 2020

As fall approaches, you are probably preparing yourself for cooler weather, packing up your summer clothes and buying a few more sweaters. When preparing yourself for the cold, don’t forget about your septic system. Here are Five Fall Tips… PUMP YOUR TANK – If its been a while since your last septic tank pumping, fall is…

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SepticSmart Week 2020

By NJSMG | Sep 1, 2020

SepticSmart Week is an annual event focused on educating homeowners and communities on the proper care and maintenance of their septic systems. This year, SepticSmart Week will take place September 14 – 18. Tips for septic maintenance, include: Protect It and Inspect It: Homeowners should have their system inspected periodically by a licensed contractor, and…

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Septics During Quarantine

By NJSMG | Aug 1, 2020

Spending all day and night at home instead of at work or school means more meals at home, laundry, showers and flushes, making your septic system work harder. The majority of people know that they have a septic tank (as opposed to sewer), however some homeowners don’t even realize where their wastewater goes. All wastewater…

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Choosing Your Septic System

By NJSMG | Jul 1, 2020

There are several things to take into consideration before we install your new septic system. What You Need to Consider Before Installing a New Septic System Your new septic system is a big investment in your property. We can help you through the process to determine which system is right for you. Here are some…

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BioOne® Eco-Friendly Septic Additive

By NJSMG | Jun 1, 2020

BioOne® Eco-Friendly Septic and Drain Cleaner Keeps Your Family, Plumbing & The Environment SAFE! The most effective way to maintain a septic system is to inoculate the tank with BioOne® immediately after pumping. Septic systems require live bacteria to consume, digest, and degrade grease, oil, and other organic matter so that proper functioning can be…

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Septic Maintenance Programs

By NJSMG | May 1, 2020

Your septic system is the second largest investment in your home. New Jersey Septic Management Group (NJSMG) is pleased to offer an annual Septic Maintenance Program customized to your septic system. Extend the Life of Your Septic System For less than one dollar per day, NJSMG offers an annual Septic Maintenance Program. We will: Install an effluent filter…

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Timely Concerns About Available Bathroom Products

By NJSMG | Apr 1, 2020

Lately, we have seen empty shelves that used to be full of facial tissues, toilet paper, napkins and paper towels. If your own household runs out of toilet paper, care must be taken when other materials are substituted. Please do not flush “baby wipes” and other products used for personal hygiene. They get caught inside…

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Septics and Medication

By NJSMG | Mar 1, 2020

Medications. Are they safe to flush? High concentrations of antibiotics along with other pharmaceuticals, chemicals and chemotherapy treatment can kill or retard the growth of the anaerobic bacteria in the septic tank and disposal area. These anaerobic bacteria are necessary for proper operation of the system because they digest some of the organic matter entering…

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What Are These Ugly Pipes?

By NJSMG | Feb 1, 2020

Do I Need These? If you’re tired of seeing these white, plastic pipes sticking up in your yard, you should be aware that it is possible to change that “look”. The white PVC pipes that stick up in the area of your drain field offer a “window” into how well it is operating (draining). They…

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