Septic Maintenance Programs

Your septic system is the second largest investment in your home.

New Jersey Septic Management Group (NJSMG) is pleased to offer an annual Septic Maintenance Program customized to your septic system.

Extend the Life of Your Septic System

For less than one dollar per day, NJSMG offers an annual Septic Maintenance Program. We will:
  1. Install an effluent filter in the septic tank to prevent sludge particles from leaving the tank, depositing in the field, causing contamination and eventual failure.
  2. Provide any needed tank modifications to properly install the new septic tank effluent filter, making it accessible at grade.
  3. Upgrade any buried septic or pump tank lids by bringing them to grade with risers and locking lids for future service visits.
  4. Provide annual checks to monitor system components and clean effluent filter.
  5. Advise occupants of any misuse or abuse of the system.
  6. Discounted service calls and repairs.