Timely Concerns About Available Bathroom Products

Lately, we have seen empty shelves that used to be full of facial tissues, toilet paper, napkins and paper towels. If your own household runs out of toilet paper, care must be taken when other materials are substituted.
  • Please do not flush “baby wipes” and other products used for personal hygiene. They get caught inside pipes, wrap around filters and clog hoses used by septic tank pumpers. Even when the packages say “flush-able” or “septic safe”, they will lead to problems.
  • Many brands of facial tissues can offer a reasonable substitute, but be careful if they contain lotions or other chemical additives that will slow their breakdown.
  • Do not flush napkins or paper towels. They are much thicker, do not readily break down and will cause many problems.
As unpleasant as it may seem, if you need to use anything other than toilet paper, dispose of it in plastic bags that go into the garbage.

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