Septics and Medication

Medications. Are they safe to flush?

High concentrations of antibiotics along with other pharmaceuticals, chemicals and chemotherapy treatment can kill or retard the growth of the anaerobic bacteria in the septic tank and disposal area. These anaerobic bacteria are necessary for proper operation of the system because they digest some of the organic matter entering the septic tank. They reduce the amount of solids in the tank and reduce the biochemical oxygen demand of the effluent. If the septic tank bacteria are reduced, solids accumulate in the tank faster and can create problems in the disposal area.

Here are some recommended steps to consider to protect your septic system:

  • Never flush unused medications. Many municipalities and pharmacies accept unused medication for proper disposal.
  • Minimize use of antibacterial soaps, drain cleaners, ammonia, cleaners and bleach.
  • Install an effluent filter to limit the amount of solids exiting the tank.
  • Add good bacteria to restore good health back to your septic tank and disposal area.

Adding BioOne® (an Eco-Friendly Septic and Drain Cleaner) to your tank and drains will restore the good bacteria, as well as help maintain free flowing systems.

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