What Are These Ugly Pipes?

Do I Need These?

If you’re tired of seeing these white, plastic pipes sticking up in your yard, you should be aware that it is possible to change that “look”.

  • The white PVC pipes that stick up in the area of your drain field offer a “window” into how well it is operating (draining). They shouldn’t be removed but they can be cut down, level with the ground.
  • Other white pipes may be standing above your septic tank, pump tank or close to your foundation. Those are available for maintenance, if needed, and shouldn’t be removed. Again, they can all be cut down close to the ground surface and recapped.
  • Your septic system may have a “candy cane” vent pipe over the pump tank. It shouldn’t be removed altogether, because the design required a vent. However, it can be cut down and covered with a mushroom cap that contains an activated charcoal filter.
  • If your electrical connections or junction box for the pump tank is attached to a post, above ground near the lid, it/they can be lowered and hidden by large, realistic plastic rocks.
Please keep in mind that NJSMG is always here to answer your questions and help to make your life with a septic system as comfortable as possible.