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Peat Moss Septic System

Eco-Pure Peat Moss Biofilter System Installation Photos

Building a sewer line from the house to a double compartment septic tank.

All Eco-Pure systems require that a septic tank effluent filter be inserted into the outlet baffle (blue handle).  The filter keeps all sludge and scum particles in the septic tank and away from the peat module.

Some Eco-Pure designs require a pump tank to either pump effluent into the peat moss unit or out to the disposal field.

Each module accommodates a 4 bedroom home. This house needs two pods since it has 6 bedrooms.

Peat moss bags are being laid out inside of the biofilter module.

Inside view of the peat moss biofilter.
Approx. 3’ of peat moss is contained in large bags. The top 12” is loose peat and requires annual raking to disturb and help remove the biomat layer of scum that builds up in all zones of treatment.

Once peat moss is installed into the Eco-Pure module, a distribution plate is added to help distribute septic tank effluent evenly over the peat moss surface.

Filter fabric is spread over the disposal bed. All the treated effluent that comes out of the peat moss biofilter module will be dosed over this bed.

This disposal field was supposed to be a 7 foot mound as per a conventional system design. NJSMG was able to redesign the conventional plans into an Eco-Pure design and eliminate the 7’ mound that would have destroyed this backyard and U shaped driveway.
The lid of the peat moss biofilter will discretely blend into the landscape.

Light, short rooted vegetation and mulch can easily be added around the Eco-Pure biofilter.

Thanks to Eco-Pure technology, NJ homeowners will NEVER have to install another MOUNDED system again!
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